Founded in 1995, Innisfree Limited is a UK based fund management company. It is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Innisfree has 28 employees involved in asset management, finance and fund administration, and investor relations.

Innisfree Limited does not itself invest in projects. This is done directly by the Innisfree funds which are all UK based limited partnerships.

Manager Board
David Metter – Chief Executive
Tim Pearson – Director
Matthew Webber – Director
David Burton – Finance Director
Sabrina Sidhu – Director
Chris James – Director
Graham Beazley-Long – Director
Stephen Todd – Director
Sheila Clark – Director
On-Yee Tai – Director

Asset Management
Richard Sheehan – Investment Director
Gaynor Birley-Smith – Investment Director
Dave Brooking – Investment Director
Alastair Watson – Investment Director
Ben Dean – Investment Director
Simon Beauchamp – Investment Director
Nick Crowther – Consultant

Fund Management
Jenny Hardisty – Investor Relations Director