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Innisfree is the leading infrastructure investment group in the UK sponsoring and making long term investments in public private infrastructure projects. Innisfree currently has a platform of 58 projects with a capital value of £18.9 billion covering health, education, transport and defence accommodation.

Innisfree provides the principal channel for institutional investors to invest in public private infrastructure projects and has to date raised £2.3 billion for these purposes. Innisfree’s investors include leading UK institutional investors and local authority pension funds. Overseas institutional investors including those from Denmark, Sweden, USA and Canada currently provide 30% of Innisfree’s funds.

Innisfree is the largest investor:

- in NHS hospitals infrastructure after the NHS with commitments of £552 million. Globally, Innisfree has a portfolio of 27 projects with a capital cost of £11.3 billion.

- in PFI education infrastructure projects in the UK. It has commitments of £217 million to 18 education projects costing £1.5 billion. These comprise over 260 schools educating over 132,000 children.

- in PFI defence accommodation projects in the UK with commitments amounting to £261 million and representing a combined capital value of £2.9 billion.

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Senior Executives

The board and senior executives of Innisfree Limited are:

Chief Executive - David Metter
Finance Director - James Ward
Directors - Tim Pearson, Matthew Webber, Tim Kashem, Graham Beazley-Long, Nick Crowther
Investment Directors - Sheila Clark, Gaynor Birley-Smith, Stephen Todd, John Graham, Brian Semple, Richard Sheehan

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